Hamilton Risks Fine Unless He Removes Piercings During Competition

Lewis Hamilton reacts to F1 qualifier's performance
Lewis Hamilton reacts to F1 qualifier's performance

The world's governing body for motorsport, FIA has reminded the F1 drivers not to wear earrings, piercings, rings and necklaces during on-track sessions.  

Despite the rule being in place since 2005, the drivers have not been adhering and also enjoyed reprieve as they were not subjected to any punishment. 

The ban was introduced as a safety precaution to reduce the risk drivers face when they need to escape from a car crash. 

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Hamilton who is likely to be affected by the rule noted that he cannot remove all his piercings. 

"I've got several piercings that I really can't take out, that not a lot of people know of. 

“Since I’ve been here in F1, it’s been the rule, so there’s nothing new. I’m just going to come up with more jewellery next week,” Hamilton noted. 

The FIA rules state that wearing jewellery in the form of body piercings or metal neck chains is prohibited during the competition and may therefore be checked before the start. 

If Hamilton defies the rule it's expected that he might be fined or have points deducted for breaking the sporting code. 

On April 10, Formula1 heads to Australia for the 2022 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne at the Albert Park Circuit. 

This will be the third round of the 2022 Formula One World Championship season with the seven-time champion having some frustrations as the season continues. 

The British driver during the second practice on Friday, April 8, finished at position 13 with his Mercedes teammate finishing at 11. 

“Nothing we change on the car makes a difference at the moment and that is the difficult thing.You get into the car and you are very optimistic, make changes, and then it doesn’t improve. There is just not a lot we can do,” Hamilton noted.

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