Why Africa Could Soon Host Formula 1 Grand Prix 

Formula 1
Formula 1 drivers posing for a photo ahead of the 2022 season
Formula 1

Formula 1 in the recent past gained massive following from people of all walks of life across the world.

The multi-million sport mostly takes part in Europe with other continents being left out as host of the sport. 

In a recent interview with sky sports Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali confirmed that Africa could soon host the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the coming seasons.

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"On top of America, on top of China, I think there is a potential also to be in Africa soon... There is a lot of interest there. For sure that's another area that so far is missing in the geography of our calendar,” Domenicali stated. 

During his interview, the 56-year-old Italian also referenced Africa as a potential market to grow.

Among the likely hosts is South Africa's Kyalami circuit in Johannesburg which last hosted a race in 1993. 

"It is up to us to try to find the right balance considering what are the venues which would like to be in F1, what are the historical values we need to see on the calendar," he added. 

The former team principal of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team also noted that some current races could lose their spot on the grid. 

"There are some promoters who have expiring agreements, and probably some of the current grands prix will no longer be part of the calendar," he said. 

Domenicali further stated that despite people requesting for teams to be added on the grid he was not convinced that the sport needed to go in that direction. 

"I have to be very honest, today F1 with 10 teams, with the competition on the track, is very, very solid… There's complexities that need to be considered if other teams can be added. 

"Therefore I don't think it's the most important element to grow F1, to be honest," he noted.

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