Why RedBull Boss Threw Sky Sports Reporter Into a Pool

SkySports reporter Craig Slater after he was thrown in a pool on May 29, 2022.
SkySports reporter Craig Slater after he was thrown in a pool on May 29, 2022.

RedBull boss Christian Horner threw a Sky Sports reporter into a pool during RedBull's Monaco Grand Prix final celebrations because he was super excited after Perez's win. 

An excited Chris Horner cut short his interview with Sky Sports' Craig Slater and threw him into a pool. 

Slater stated the words: "It's a wonderful scene here and it's wonderful too" as he fell into the water. 

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 "Today was about going from drys to wets. How dare you?" he added after getting out of the pool immediately and going on with the interview. 

"Christian Horner, I'll get him back one day - one day." vowed the Sky Sports reporter promising to avenge the RedBull boss.

"To win in Monaco is always very special. And to get this race, it's our sixth Monaco" Horner responded to Slater.

Red Bull's Sergio Perez won the company's fifth victory of the 2022 season with an impressive drive in the Grand Pix final.

"With Checo, unbelievable day. And hopefully, as I say, common sense will prevail on Max Verstappen, and well done for being a good sport," stated Horner commending Perez for the incredible motorsport win.

It was after the race that Sergio Perez confirmed he had signed a new deal with RedBull. 

Horner could not hide his admiration for the Mexican for the impressive record and feat he had achieved. 

“He's driven extremely well, so far this year. The delta between him and Max is, as you know, diminished significantly, compared to last season"

"He's driven some great races. And is a team player. I don't think there's anybody better in the pit lane" stated Horner in praise of Perez.

Perez's RedBull counterpart Max Verstappen finished third which was a low moment for the 2021 Formula One World Champion.