Mercedes F1 Team to Use Chainsaw on Ksh 1.2B Vehicle 

Formula 1
A collage image of the Mercedes Formula 1 car and a chainsaw.

According to Toto Wolff, the executive director of Mercedes, the team is planning to use a chainsaw to solve some of their tactical challenges. 

On March 20, In Bahrain, Mercedes experienced difficulties on the straights with the executive director noting that he intended to radically reduce the drag of the W13 before the Saudi Grand Prix. 

Wolf, while was speaking to Sky Sports outline their resolution. 

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"It's easy to remove drag: you just take a chainsaw and chop the rear wing into small pieces. That's what we will do before the race in Jeddah.

“I think we have had too much with the wings, perhaps and the drag is too high - simply because we lack details at the moment. I hope we will ultimately fix the problem. 

“The situation with the speed on the straights is half or a little more reduced to the wings, but it is necessary to do everything possible in terms of the power plant," Wolff explained. 

The Mercedes Formula 1 team principal noted that they had no pressure as the season was just starting. 

“It’s too early to look at the championship as it stands but once you look at the pecking order today it seems a long shot to even be in contention for any of the championships. 

“If I look at [Bahrain] as a single race weekend, we probably scored the maximum of points that we could have. 

We need to take it from there. Every weekend counts and at the moment, it’s singular events. Realistically, when you're third on the road, you can’t think about winning it,” Toto noted. 

The 2022 Formula 1 season continues this weekend at The Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia on Sunday, March 27.

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