Formula 1 Track in Machakos Will Be Ready By July 2022 - Gov Mutua

Machakos Formula 1 track
A photo of Carl Tundo driving on the new Machakos Formula 1 track in Machakos on April 27.

Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua has given an update on the construction of the Formula 1 track noting it will be ready by June 2022. 

The Formula 1 track was one of the pledges that he made during the 2013 gubernatorial campaign that saw him become the county's pioneer chief executive.

In a statement sent to newsrooms on Thursday, April 27, the governor who is serving his second and final term noted that the track was 65% done and would be a street circuit. 

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“Today I am pleased to launch our Machakos Formula 1/Motorsport circuit Motorsport circuit as we plan for our first major RX motorsport race Motor racing, from Formula 1, Safari Rally, Moto GP and all other track and even field races are about money and tourism. The motivation of the track in Machakos is to bring millions of dollars to the region soon and for many years to come. 

“The current design of the track is for a street circuit built from scratch with Formula 1 in mind. It is currently 65% done and will be completed by end of July 2022. The track’s design is for a 4.5 kilometer distance,” his statement read. 

Governor Mutua noted that the current tracks have expandable sections adding that the track will also be used as a dual carriage road. 

He clarified that the purpose of having a multi-purpose track was to benefit the county economically. 

“The Machakos Formula 1 track is also a normal dual carriageway road that is similar to the street circuits in Singapore, Monaco and even the park circuit of Melbourne. 

“The road will be used for normal transport activities and only closed and converted to a track whenever there is a sponsored race,” he added. 

Also in attendance was the Federation Internationale de l”Automobile (FIA) who the governor noted were part of the team constructing the track. 

“We are working closely with the Federation Internationale de l”Automobile (FIA) to ensure the track will meet the standards to host what will be the Savannah Chui Formula One in the near future,” Mutua noted. 

The Machakos Governor also announced that plans were underway to host the first RX Motorsport race between July 9 and July 10 . 

Kenya's rally legend Carl Tundo tested the track with his new car that is set to race at the 2022 WRC Safari Rally.

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