Lewis Hamilton Concludes His Kenyan Tour by Visiting West Pokot

Lewis Hamilton
A canva photo of Lewis Hamilton interacting with residents of West Pokot during his visit to Kenya during tey Summer Break in August 2022.

Lewis Hamilton has been touring Africa during the current F1 break and has visited several countries including Namibia, Rwanda and Kenya. 

The Mercedes Benz driver, during his tour, has embraced different African cultures.

Hamilton's latest destination has been Kenya where he visited various parts of the country including Reteti Elephant Sanctuary and West Pokot County. 

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Hamilton concluded his Kenyan tour in West Pokot where he interacted with the communities. 

During his visit to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, the 37-year-old F1 driver thanked the management for dedicating their time to rescue, research and conserve the endangered species.

"Thank you to the wonderful people at Reteti Animal Sanctuary for not only hosting us but more importantly, dedicating their time to rescue, research and conservation," Hamilton stated.

Hamilton also appreciated that Reteti was the first indigenous community owned and run sanctuary in Africa. 

“They take orphaned animals who likely would not make it on their own and release them back into the world when they are strong enough. This was a truly centering experience, one that reinforces that we all share this planet,” part of his statement read. 

He also shared a videos and photos of him with the Pokot people in their traditional attires. 

Hamilton appreciated how the community welcomed him terming it as an honor to be in their presence. 

“I spent time with the Pokot people in Kenya and just to be in their presence was one thing... To be welcomed was something different entirely and a massive honor I don’t take lightly. 

“The way I felt here is how I feel with my family back at home. We are all family, anyway. I'll carry this experience, and all my memories from Kenya and from this journey as a whole, in my heart forever,” he stated.

Formula 1 is expected to come back from the break on August 26 in Belgium for the Rolex Belgian Grand Prix 2022.

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