Saud Arabia Grand Prix to Continue Despite Rebel Attacks 

Formula 1 Saudi Arabia
A collage image of fire after an explosion in Jadda and Formula 1 drivers posing for a photo.

The Saudi Arabian Formula One Grand Prix will continue as planned despite an attack by Yemeni rebels on an oil facility that set off a huge fire visible from Jeddah's street circuit.  

The F1 drivers met for over four hours after practice on Friday, March 20 and had lengthy talks with team bosses and F1 chiefs. 

It was reported that the drivers raised concerns over the safety of the event after the missile attack on the oil facility. Yemen's Houthi rebel group claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Some drivers wanted to boycott the Saudi Arabian GP, however, the formula 1 bosses maintained that the race will continue. 

"We have received total assurance of the country's safety first. They have placed all the systems to protect this area. So, we feel confident that we have to trust the local authority in that respect. We will of course go ahead with the event," the  F1 president Domenicali noted. 

The fire was still burning late on Friday night with still smoke pouring into the sky on Saturday, March 21, morning. 

According to the Saudi Arabian authorities, there were no casualties from the attack. 

FIA president Mohammed bin Sulayem noted that the attackers were not targeting the track. 

"We had meetings with the high-level security then we had meetings with the team principals and the drivers, and to assure you that, they are targeting the infrastructure of the economy not the civilians and, of course, not the track. 

"Of course, we have checked the facts from them and we have had the assurance from the high authorities of the safety here and let's go racing," he noted.

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