Graham Potter Addresses Chelsea Fans' Frustrations Over Poor Results

Graham Potter
Chelsea head coach Grahm Potter in Dubai.

Chelsea boss Graham Potter addressed the poor run of form for the Blues noting that fans were getting agitated over the recent results.

Speaking during the pre-match press conference on Friday, February 24, he highlighted that the fans had the right to criticise him.

He also expressed his frustration adding that he was displeased with their consecutive losses.

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"When you lose to the bottom side and you are Chelsea it's completely acceptable to be criticised. The results haven't been good enough. The fans are entitled to be angry," Potter stated.

Additionally, the manager addressed his relationship with the team hierarchy expressing confidence in their support.

"I have spoken to them. It’s the same as always. I have been under pressure for four months. Their support continues.

"They have been great. They see where we are at but are frustrated because we have to do better," Potter added.

Chelsea lost in their last match to Southampton with the manager acknowledging that his team showed a great response in the training sessions.

"It’s always tough when you lose at home. Very tough. That is normal. The response from the players has been really good. We’ve had some conversations, one-to-one, to try and put things into perspective," he pointed out.

Porter also disclosed that after talks with some of the senior players in the team, he was informed of the poor pre-season that they had.

He added that the players informed him that the pre-season did not work as well as they would have wanted.

Chelsea will be facing London rivals Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, February 26, with Potter hopeful of three points.

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