Georgina Rodriguez: The Woman Behind 5-Time Ballon d'Or Winner Cristiano Ronaldo

Georgina Rodriguez
Cristiano Ronaldo's partner Georgina Rodriguez

Given her partner is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and she has built her own £20 million fortune, fans of Georgina Rodriguez will be unsurprised by her luxury world of mansions, sports cars, yachts, designer clothes and expensive jewellery. Yet her life hasn’t always been so opulent.

Just seven years ago, Ms Rodriguez, then aged 20, had a far more frugal existence as a nanny in Bristol, earning £125 (Ksh 16,000) a week. 

While working as a nanny, she took English and dance lessons and, despite her meagre wage, says today that the experience left her dreaming of a return to Britain.

The Spanish model’s circumstances have certainly changed. After Ronaldo was signed by Manchester United this summer, she arrived in Cheshire with their brood of four children – plus two more on the way next year – to find her neighbours now include the likes of Wayne Rooney, Raheem Sterling and Harry Maguire.

The 27-year-old is now being billed as the next ‘super WAG’ – a term coined by those in football circles for wives or girlfriends such as Victoria Beckham, who are megastars in their own right.

For not only is Ms Rodriguez about to star in a rags-to-riches fly-on-the-wall Netflix series about her life, but she is increasingly being targeted by British brands happy to pay vast sums for her to promote their products to her millions of fans.

Sources close to Ms Rodriguez – who is Spain’s most-followed woman on social media, with a range of international deals from Shegum make-up to Swiss cosmetic brand Gisada and Italian bikini firm Effek – say she is utterly set on cracking Britain.

In the UK, she will look to build on deals with Manchester-based fashion brand Pretty Little Thing – part of the Boohoo empire – and UK-based yoga company Alo Yoga.

Fashion designers such as Gucci are clamouring to dress her and luxury jewellers Chopard are lending her their diamonds in the knowledge that their brand will receive sought-after exposure on Ms Rodriguez’s prized Instagram page.

Ms Rodriguez met Ronaldo, 36, five years ago while working as a shop assistant in a Gucci store in Milan.

Born in Buenos Aires, Ms Rodriguez moved to Spain with father Jorge, who was jailed for cocaine trafficking in 2003 when she was just nine. He was handed an 11-year jail term and was released in 2013. 

After her father went to prison, Ms Rodriguez lived a modest life with her mother María Hernández and sister Ivana, who has herself become an Instagram star.

As a youngster, Ms Rodriguez recalled, she would often help her elderly neighbours do their shopping.

Even today, despite enjoying the trappings of fame and fortune, she helps impoverished young women who want to leave home and study to ‘find their dreams and achieve their goals’.

Alvaro Diaz, the director of entertainment for Netflix Spain, says the upcoming show featuring the model is ‘aspirational’, pointing to how Ms Rodriguez went from selling designer clothing to wearing her own on red carpets. ‘She was a normal young woman whose life changed dramatically one day,’ he said.

‘She was leaving work one day and crossed paths with the love of her life. Who has not dreamed of that?’

Netflix had planned to screen the series before Christmas, but Ronaldo’s move from Turin – where he played for Juventus – to the UK in September provided the producers with rich extra material.