Ruto Picks Ex-Nairobi DG Jonathan Mueke for Plum Sports Job

Joanthan Mueke
Sports and The Arts Principal Secretary nominee Jonathan Mueke during a past meeting.

President William Ruto has nominated former Nairobi County Deputy Governor Jonathan Mueke as the Sports and the Arts Principal Secretary. 

He will replace Joe Okudo, who was the Principal Secretary in charge of Sports at the Ministry. 

Through his Executive Order No 1 of 2022, Ruto reorganised the Sports ministry, renaming it from the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts.

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The docket has two state departments as from the previous three; State Department for Youth Affairs and State Department for Sports and Arts. 

Mueke will oversee Sports Kenya, Kenya Anti-Doping Agency Sports, Kenya Anti-Doping Agency Sports Kenya, Kenya Academy of Sports, Registrar of Sports, Kenya Film Classification Board and Kenya Film Commission.  

His office will also be responsible for promoting and coordinating sports implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code and convention against doping.   

Another function of the State Department of Sports and Arts includes developing, managing, and implementing the Sports Policy. 

His department is also responsible for the training and regulation of sports and ensuring the sports industry's expansion to support livelihoods.  

Other function under the department includes developing and managing sports facilities, where he will be responsible for establishing and managing sports academies to nurture talent.

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