Sylvia Gathoni: First Kenyan Signed by Top E-sports Companies

Sylvia Gathooni
Kenyan e-sport athlete Sylvia Gathoni alias Queen Arrow.

Sylvia Gathoni, a law graduate lawyer and e-sports player has been signed by two top e-sports companies XiT Woundz and UYU. 

Gathoni is one of the first e-sports athletes to make the 'Forbes Under 30' list of global trailblazers. 

In the gaming world, the 24-year-old nicknamed QueenArrow is one of the most influential gamers.

Gathoni insists on being recognized as an e-sport athlete, not a female e-sport athlete. 

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"I bring my mental strengths to the table, not my physical strengths, and that way it shouldn't be segregated by gender,” Gathoni noted. 

The e-sport athlete began her success after winning her first major competition in 2019. She did so through the combat game known as Tekken with her character Ling Xiaoyu. 

Through gaming, she has risen in world ranking where she has earned money fame and influence. 

Gathoni is also a supervisor at one gaming café in Nairobi known as Tric Gaming Café. 

Through her success, her parents were able to accept her venture into e-sports and they have come to understand her choice. 

"My parents were reluctant for me to get into e-sports as they didn't fully understand what e-sports was all about but after the recent accolades and achievements they have been more accommodating," Gathoni pointed out.

The e-sport athlete who holds a law degree wishes to use her education to change, make amends to the law and help improve the reputation of the gaming industry.

Electronic sports, popularly known as E-sports, is organized competitive video gaming where teams or individuals compete against each other for a cash prize. 

The sport, which has witnessed significant growth year after year, has helped athletes make money and a name for themselves. 

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