Serbia Striker Vlahovic Clarifies Reports of Affair with Teammate's Wife

Dusan Vlahovic
Serbia striker Dusan Vlahovic.

Serbia striker, Dusan Vlahovic, cleared the air over allegations that he was sidelined from the Serbian starting 11 at the World Cup because of an affair with his teammate’s wife. 

Recent reports suggested that Vlahovic was dropped from the squad because he had an affair with the wife of the national team’s reserve goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic.

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“It’s absurd, complete nonsense. It’s sad that I have to come here and explain myself. It’s invented by people who have nothing better to do with their life,” Vlahovic stated. 

He also added that he was prepared to seek legal redress if the matter escalated. 

Vlahovic retaliated that the Serbia squad was united despite the allegations, and the team was ready for their final Group G match against Switzerland. 

“We are more united than ever, and the atmosphere in the squad has never been better. These stories are ridiculous, I want to protect my name and integrity, so I will take legal action if necessary. 

This is not the first time the player is facing such an allegation and has slammed those spreading such rumours instead of supporting the team. 

“These are people with empty CVs who achieved nothing, but they will certainly not get extra attention off my name. They have always been small people and prove it day by day,” he added. 

Serbia will play Switzerland on December 2, with Vlahovic, who arrived at the tournament in Qatar with a groin injury, still struggling with fitness issues. 

He explained that he did not feature in the opening fixtures because he was not ready enough, but currently, he feels ready to play.

Vlahovic featured in Serbia's defeat to Brazil on November 28, when he was introduced in the second half.

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